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Our egg cartons
About Us

Our eggsVanderwees Farms has been operating as a family business since 1956. We are known to consistently produce great eggs. We deliver to restaurants and supermarkets and many retail clients find their way to our farm as well.
Quality control is very important to us. For over 50 years Vanderwees Farms has offered an unblemished record in producing Farm Fresh eggs for consumers in North Western Ontario. The quality of our eggs is confirmed with regular independent inspection in addition to our own Quality Assurance program. We are proud of our ability to maintain the highest quality standards and look forward to implementing the HACCP program to further guarantee the top quality of our egg products.

Bruce Looks Back

TruckVanderwees Farms started as a mixed farm in the 1950s, with cows, pigs and acres of hay and potatoes. By the end of the decade the focus became chickens, and appropriately, eggs. Sheds became barns and countless changes were made over the years as the business developed.

Today, happy and healthy chickens cackle to each other as they browse for feed or relax in their warm dry environment. Every day the eggs are gathered and then washed. Viewed over bright lights that allow us to look inside the egg, the eggs are then divided by weight into the sizes you see at your grocery store: Extra Large, Large, Medium and Small. We place the eggs into a carton which is then stamped with a code date. This will allow us to trace the day the eggs were packaged as well as let you know the Best Before date, or the date where your eggs are the freshest.

Many things have changed on the farm over the years. What has not changed is our commitment to the customer. We want the freshest, best tasting eggs available for you. And we will provide them for you using the best standards and regulations that are available. We are the professionals that you can count on. Don’t forget, we have families too, and want the best for them.

Bruce VanderWees
Professional Egg Farmer